UPX -- Nueva versión 4.0.1

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UPX -- Nueva versión 4.0.1

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Buenas noches !!!

Nueva versión del compresor UPX

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User visible changes for UPX

Changes in 4.0.1 (16 Nov 2022):
  * bug fixes - see https://github.com/upx/upx/milestone/8

Changes in 4.0.0 (28 Oct 2022):
  * Switch to semantic versioning
  * SECURITY NOTES: emphasize the security context in the docs
  * Support easy building from source code with CMake
  * Support easy rebuilding the stubs from source with Podman/Docker
  * Add integrated doctest C++ testing framework
  * Add support for EFI files (PE x86; Kornel Pal)
  * win32/pe and win64/pe: set correct SizeOfHeaders in the PE header
  * bug fixes - see https://github.com/upx/upx/milestone/6
  * bug fixes - see https://github.com/upx/upx/milestone/7

Changes in 3.96 (23 Jan 2020):
  * bug fixes - see https://github.com/upx/upx/milestone/5

Changes in 3.95 (26 Aug 2018):
  * Flag --android-shlib to work around bad design in Android
  * Flag --force-pie when ET_DYN main program is not marked as DF_1_PIE
  * Better compatibility with varying layout of address space on Linux
  * Support for 4 PT_LOAD layout in ELF generated by binutils-2.31
  * bug fixes, particularly better diagnosis of malformed input
  * bug fixes - see https://github.com/upx/upx/milestone/4
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